Vicky was raised in the wild English realm of Shropshire, a county bordering magical Wales and filled with winged bears, march hares and silly Morris dancers. While her youth was a wonderful time, she longed to see more of the planet, so when she was old enough, she took off on the cheapest, dirty brown Pegasus she could find, and travelled the world.

Around the world she found many wonders, and there are yet many to be found, but for the time being she has put up her feet and unpacked her bag on the beautiful little island of Gabriola in British Columbia, Canada.

Here she wakes up each day and takes her pet dragon Taz for a walk in the woods, past all the pesky phoenix that lurk in the bushes (Taz can smell them), past the noisey, tone deaf sirens lining the beach (really stinky) and back to the cottage for chocolate cereal with chocolate milk and chocolate tea with chocolate on the side. Taz gets a bone.

At midday, Vicky and her husband Mike go for picnics, even if it’s raining. Taz always tries to sneak some of the food as she’s quite a naughty dragon, but she’s quite good at keeping the phoenix away from the hummus.

Some day, Vicky, Mike and Taz hope to build a gingerbread mud house by the ocean and travel by seahorse to all the other islands in the vicinity to trade beautiful illustrated books for chocolate and stardust.


About the illustrations: 

Vicky went to the Welsh Wizards School for Animation, but really fell in love with illustration and decided to do that instead. She mostly enjoys illustrating for children because the left side of her brain decided it doesn’t want to ever grow up and be boring.

She mostly enjoys painting with watercolours because it’s magical to watch the colours swirl around and mix into each other. She also thinks this is most like the nature of the world.

She loves to paint nature: plants, animals, sky and water, and she loves if she can be a little creative, add a little magic, and sometimes a little bit of silliness. She also loves to add little things to illustrations that you might not notice at first.